PS5 Ships Over 10M Units, PS4 Over 116M Units Shipped, Over 46M PS Plus Subscribers; Q1 FY21 Highest Q1 Revenue in PS History

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Sony has released the company’s PlayStation quarterly earnings report, and it looks like more milestones are being hit! While we already know that the PS5 has shipped over 10M units to date, the report also talks about the PS4’s current hardware shipment total, software sales, and more.

According to Sony, Q1 fiscal year 21 has netted over $5.62B in revenue (convereted from yen to USD), and given the company $0.761B in profit from April to June 2021! This marks this Q1, as the biggest Q1 revenue ever for PlayStation!

Current hardware shipments for the quarter for PS5 is at 2.3M units, which puts it at 10.1M units shipped LTD (life to date), while the PS4 shipped .500,000 units for the quarter, putting it at 116.4M LTD.

In total, there are 46.3M PlayStation Plus subscribers as of June 30, 2021, and this is an increase of 1.3M subscribers from the 45M subscribers during the same period the previous fiscal year.

On the software front, PS5 and PS4 games combined have over 63.6M units sold, which includes 10.5M units that are Sony-published titles.

Here’s a recap of highlights from ResetEra “PlayStatistician” ArmGunar:

Highlights :

  • Q1 FY21: Over $5.62B Revenue and $0.761B Profit between April-June 2021
    • Biggest Q1 Revenue ever for PlayStation (and for any platform holder)
      • Top 3 biggest Q1 Revenue ever:
        1. Sony Q1 FY21
        2. Sony Q1 FY20
        3. Sony Q1 FY18
    • 2nd biggest Revenue ever for PlayStation (and for any platform holder) during a non-Holiday quarter (non-Q3)
      • Top 5 biggest non-Q3 Revenue ever:
        1. Sony Q4 FY20 (Jan-Mar 2021)
        2. Sony Q1 FY21 (April-June 2021)
        3. Sony Q1 FY20 (April-June 2020 – FF7R/TLOU Part II)
        4. Sony Q2 FY18 (July-Sept 2018 – Spider-Man)
        5. Sony Q2 FY20 (July-Sept 2020 – Ghost of Tsushima)
    • 3th best Operating Profit ever for PlayStation during Q1
  • Hardware:
    • PS5 : 2.3m units / LTD: 10.1m
    • PS4 : 0.5m units / LTD: 116.4m
  • Software:
    • PS4/PS5 : 63.6m games sold
      • including 10.5m Sony-published games (vs 18.8m – Q1 FY20)
        • accounting for 16.5% of total games sold this Q1 FY21 (vs 20.6% – Q1 FY20)
    • Software digital ratio 71%
  • PlayStation Store had its 2nd biggest Q1 Revenue ever with more than $2.93B (-18.8% YoY)
    • including Digital Software & Add-on content
  • PlayStation Software & Services saw their 2nd biggest Q1 Revenue ever with more than $4.09B (-14.8% YoY)
    • including Physical / Digital Software & Add-on content / Services
  • 104m MAU (monthly active users)
    • 104m active users each spent about $37.09 on average on PSN during Q1 FY21
      • It includes Digital Software, Add-on and Services revenues
  • Updated FY2021 Forecast:
    • $26.42B Revenue & $2.96B Profit… it would be:
      • Biggest Revenue for PlayStation (and for any platform holder) in video game history
      • 2nd best Operating Profit ever for PlayStation

More info can be seen in the PDF earnings report,  and its supplementary data.

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