PS5 Unboxing Now Live, Here’s How it’s Size Compares to Other Consoles

PS5 Unboxing

With the PS5 about to be released in about three weeks, Sony has sent out review console units to various content creators. Well, fortunately for us, embargo on some stuff has been lifted, and for today, it’s for PS5 unboxing!  We also have our first true look at how the console’s size compares to other consoles.

Check out the PS5 unboxing video(s) below, though don’t expect to see any games to be played today (embargo and all).

And a quick size comparison video

In addition to the console’s unboxing, we’re expecting more details and info to surface in the coming days and weeks!

The PS5 will be out this November 12 in select countries, and November 19 (hopefully) worldwide.

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