SteamSpy: Chinese Players Play Twice As Much PUBG Than USA Players

PUBG China Number 1

PUBG is absolutely massive worldwide, with players in all locations able to battle royale it up on PC, Xbox One, and now Android and iOS. It’s a huge title which millions are playing every single day.

SteamSpy is one of the tools used to quantify just how successful PUBG has been. SteamSpy’s creator and owner, Sergey Galyonkin, shared some interesting facts about PUBG during a panel at GDC 2018 (via PC Gamer). One of these facts was that Chinese players spend over twice as many hours per week playing PUBG than US players. China averages an overage of 16 hours per week, while the US only manages 7.

Chinese players really love their PUBG, huh?

It’s also worth mentioning that internet cafes are very popular in China, with a single username being used across multiple people. This could account for the mind-blowing average.

In other PUBG news, a flare gun has been added to the game, and it’s stupidly powerful. Looking specifically at the Xbox One version, here’s what the developer has planned for the game’s immediate futurePUBG Mobile is also now available on both Android and iOS.

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