PUBG Flare Gun Is Super Powerful and Will Probably Be Nerfed

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PUBG flare gun has been added to the game, but it is currently only available to use when playing in custom matches. Players who find a flare gun will be able to call in special supply drops. The special supply drops are superior than normal drops, as they contain more loot, and often two weapons or pieces of high-level armor.

The PUBG flare gun allows players to choose a location by firing the flare into the air. After a short moment, a drop will fall in the chosen area.

What do you make of the new PUBG flare gun? Is it a welcome addition to the game? Or does it need tweaking to be balanced? Let us know in the comments.

In other PUBG news, the latest patch notes for PC Update 7 are now available to read, as are the latest changes to the Xbox version. Looking specifically at the Xbox One version, here’s what the developer has planned for the game’s immediate future.

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