PUBG Free to Play Is Now Live for Xbox Gold Subscribers

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If you’re an Xbox Live Gold subscriber who hasn’t yet played the phenomenon that is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you’ll be happy to learn that the PUBG free to play trial is now live on Xbox One.

Simply ensure that your Xbox Live Gold subscription is active, and you’ll be able to find the game listed as free for the weekend. If you want to play the game after the trial has ended, you’ll be required to pay full price.

A few tips for noobs: If you want to improve quickly, land at one of the busier city spots. The school is a popular choice for quick action. You might die a bunch of times to begin with, but learning the shooting mechanics is a vital part of earning that first “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!”

In other PUBG news, the new Savage map was recently tested on the Closed Experimental Server, an argument as to whether PUBG is pay to win has been brought up again, and it’s been found that 30% of all PC gamers are playing battle royale titles.

Source: Microsoft Store

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