PUBG Metal Rain Event Mode Is Here, Features 8-Man Squads and Armored Vehicles

PUBG Metal Rain
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The PUBG Metal Rain event mode is now live, giving players a new spin on the battle royale experience. This time around, players are grouped into squads of eight, and an armored UAZ is available from flare gun supply drops.

Here’s everything you need to know about the PUBG Metal Rain event mode:

PUBG Metal Rain Event Mode

  • STARTS: April 19, 7pm PDT / April 20, 4am CEST / April 20, 11AM KST
  • ENDS: April 22, 7pm PDT / April 23, 4am CEST / April 23, 11AM KST
  • 8-Man Squads on Erangel (All Regions)
  • KR/JP/SA : TPP
  • Flare guns spawn randomly alongside normal loot locations (flare gun spawn spots are no longer fixed)
  • When shot inside the safe zone (white circle), special care packages will be dropped
  • When shot outside the safe zone, a special vehicle—the armored UAZ—will be dropped
  • This mode is limited to eight-man squads on Erangel, and you can invite up to seven friends.
  • Auto-matching can be turned on or off (you don’t have to play as a full squad of eight if you don’t want to)
  • The mode is limited to 96 maximum players (12 teams of eight players)
  • Redzone is enabled
  • Regular care package drops are enabled
  • Killer spectating is enabled
  • Bluezone rules are the same as standard public match settings
  • Weather changes dynamically throughout each match

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Source: Steam

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