“When You Push Innovation, You Miss Other Things” – EA on Battlefield 4 Issues

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A few days ago, the CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson, took the stage at the SXSW event in Austin to show off Titanfall and reflect on previous titles published under the company.

“Building games is very hard… when you push innovation, you miss other things. We’ve changed our process,” Wilson stated in response to a fan tweet questioning launch issues that marred popular EA titles, specifically Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, and Sim City.

Exactly how EA’s process has been changed with regards to that topic remains unclear.

“Our focus is on the player experience …. at the center of every revolution in our industry is the gamer,” Wilson added. “I came from a small studio, figuring out how to drive innovation. The indie spirit is important to the industry.”

He continued: “The games I was involved in were played by millions of people. EA gave me a chance to do that. I have a deep desire to re-inject two things into EA: one is the entrepreneurial spirit and two is a ‘why’ we do what we do.”

“Why is it we come to work everyday? We believe interactive games are the single best form of entertainment on the planet,” he concluded.

Recently, EA’s Chief Financial Officer shared that the Battlefield franchise hasn’t “seen any damage”.

“Clearly we’re very focused on protecting the brand,” he said.

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