Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak Easter Egg Offers First Look at Zombies

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The Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak event promises a unique co-op experience. The name itself teases the spreading of a virus, and has connotations of infected zombies.

Thanks to the incredibly dedicated Rainbow Six community, a new Easter egg has been discovered that provides more information on Outbreak, and what players can expect from the co-op mode.

First, there’s an account from a mysterious individual. This is followed by an audio file (transcript below), and five images.

Take a look at the complete contents below:

Written account:

We were supposed to rendezvous with our supporters among the Russian hacking community for a tete-a-tete, but our flight got delayed. By the time we reached Kafe Dostoyevsky, everything had gone sideways. They’re saying terrorism but I’m saying cover-up and that tells me we’re closer to the truth than ever. Unfortunately this means our channels are in danger of getting compromised. I’ll be scrubbing our sites and clearing all our dead drops. We’ll have to go to ground for a while; this is our last drop at this location.

Let me be absolutely clear… they’ve cordoned off Truth or Consequences and there’re reports of gunfire and explosions. That means the citizens of T or C know the truth, and we owe it to them to spill the beans on what’s happening. I stand with Truth or Consequences, and we will learn their story.

Audio file transcript: (Thanks TheDeathFaze!)

“Alicia, it’s Kevin. I don’t know how or if this has made it’s way to you, but if you’re listening to this, but I hope that the worst thing that’s happened to you is if they got your Venti Caf wrong again. If that’s the worst thing about your day, that means this whole mess got contained. It means that the people I care about are still alive. It means that they stopped this- this thing. It’s been 2 days since I’ve snuck into the Quarantine Zone. I can’t call out, I think the Army is jamming cellphone reception, that’s why I’m recording this. The last will and testament for an entire town. Truth or consequences, I cant even- it’s dead, Alicia, and nobody knows the half of it. This outbreak, this infection, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen! It makes… monsters. Turns us- It infects you then you’re a monster, killing your friends- killing everyone you’ve ever loved. That’s why there’s gunshots, and, there’s drone strikes out here. That’s why the quarantine tents are inside the Quarantine Zone. (not sure if this is what he said). They can’t let this thing get out. Ever. Even if this means everything around here gets flattened. I’m fine with that. I don’t think there’s anyone else left to complain. I’m a small price to pay, Alicia, if that means you and everyone else are safe, and happy.”


The images are perhaps the most curious of the clues. They clearly show different kinds of zombie-like creatures. Could these be the enemies that players will need to fight?

Are you excited for the new Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak event? Do you think you’ll be taking down zombies, or something else entirely? Let us know.

Source: Reddit via Prodigio Pete (YouTube)

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