Report: Battlefield 2042 Teaser Uncovers Valparaiso Map From Bad Company 2

Earlier today, the official Battlefield Twitter account teased a short clip of garbled images that was released to tease the new game mode set to be revealed during EA Play Live on July 22.

As it turns out, this teaser features one of the maps from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 — Valparaiso! Reddit user VickeP_ (thanks, DANNYonPC) has managed to make sense of it all, and yep, it is Valparaiso! VickerP_ booted Bad Company 2 up, and took a screenshot of it, and well, take a look at it for yourself.

If you want to see things from the teaser image and the map image to be literally circled out for you, then, here ya go!

Of course, this isn’t really that surprising given Ripple Effect Studios (formerly DICE LA), has already confirmed that we’ll be seeing fan-favorite Battlefield maps in this new mode. Speaking of which, make sure to check out our list of 15 Battlefield maps we want to see remade in Battlefield 2042!

We’re keeping our eyes peeled whether the other images will show something else, too!

Don’t forget, EA Play Live is set for this July 22 where DICE and EA wil officially reveal the mode. We’ll be sure to post the relevant Battlefield info once it’s available, so make sure to keep your crosshairs locked here on MP1st!

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7 thoughts on “Report: Battlefield 2042 Teaser Uncovers Valparaiso Map From Bad Company 2

  1. I hope we never see another remake of Wake Island, Operation Metro or Strike at Karkand.

    Remakes of other maps is entirely fair game. Why no remake of other 1942 maps like El Alamein, or Bocage? 2142 maps (which might even act as “prequel” maps considering 2042). Why the focus on wanting remade maps from BF3/BF4 and the BC games?

      1. I’m not saying they are bad games (or even that they aren’t the best). But I’d love to see remakes from OTHER games of maps that hasn’t been remade yet. Also… BF1942 started the whole franchise, so I’d argue that makes it at the very best.

  2. What are EA going to do to stop undetected paid wallhacks aimbots? So many Battlefield players are cheating but not rage hacking so never get banned. I gave up Battlefield 4 because players with hacks just sit in AA and shoot everyone from the otherside of the map. No kill replay so you can’t see the hack snapping AA guns to target. Also fighter jet pilots with hacks instant shoot down and every bomb lands on target and they have stupid high scores using hacks. I am not paying to play with cheaters and last beta the hacks where everywhere as paid hacks were free during beta. Why do people pay for cheats to win? Pay to win?

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