Battlefield 2042 New Mode Teaser for EA Play Live Fires Out

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In case you didn’t know, EA will be unveiling a new mode for Battlefield 2042 that might or might not be the rumored “Battlefield Hub.” All we know is, Ripple Effect Studios (Formerly DICE LA) has confirmed that this new mode will feature “fan-favorite” maps. With EA Play Live set to air this July 22, DICE has shared a Battlefield 2042 new mode teaser!

Update: The teaser has a hidden Bad Company 2 Valparaiso map reference that just got unearthed!

The tweet shows garbled images, and includes the text “what’s that sound?”

Obviously, this won’t leak or reveal what the new mode is all about, but it’s clear they are hyping it up as more than just a new game mode (thought we could be wrong).

We’re hoping that more info surfaces for Battlefield 2042 and this new mode soon, and once they do, we’ll let our readers know.

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17 thoughts on “Battlefield 2042 New Mode Teaser for EA Play Live Fires Out

  1. COD MW 2019 is the best game ever I play the multiplayer challenges every day and replay the campaign regularly and love Warzone. I loved Battlefield and played thousands of hours but it is now to slow and clunky. Try COD MW 2019 you will thank me.

      1. Have you played COD Modern Warfare 2019 campaign? It was on sale less 50% last week and worth every penny. COD MW 2019 has 80 million players and is not your normal COD and very different. I was Battlefield only until I bought COD Modern Warfare 2019. COD Black Ops Cold War is crap and full of kids. COD MW 2019 Ground War is fun Battlefield style multiplayer with helicopters to fly and once you get used to the fast paced fun game play you will love it and will be completing the daily challenges and ranking you guns up to gold.

        1. You must have just got the game, because you’re hyping it up like Cold War isn’t the newest title in the franchise. Go out your head back in the sand.

        2. Thats my exact experience… COD MW 2019 blew me away. BF cannot come close to it. No need to even try cold war…

      2. Battlefield use to be great in the legacy era. bf1942, bdvietnam, bf2, bf2142, bc2. The rest is a fail attempt at trying to be another call of duty game. They lost their original ppl and their vision went out the window with them all. I hope this new one is good. Been waiting for a one since bc2 came out.

        1. Yeah, I have no hope for BF anymore… quality is low in many aspects and it’s just not fun anymore.

    1. I remember when campaigns were free. They were apart of the game. Honestly all FPS games are turning trash. Battlefield is about the only decent fps game left. And even that has too many cheaters at times. COD died years ago! Too many Cronus max users! They don’t make games fun, because they lack skill and have to use that cheat! And judging by your excitement towards those two cod games, I bet you run Cronus too!

    2. Man, go one somewhere, MW was good when it first dropped, but since Cold War came out Activision has decided not to update that MW properly. I removed it from my Xbox because it kept lagging with the last update. If I want to I’ll play Cold War until 2042 comes out.

    3. COD has always been trash and does nothing for real wargame genres…

    4. Really? Best game you’ve ever played? You’re Young Right? I can think of a few of the top of my head but then again I’m 44 and I’ve been gaming for so long.

      1. See my comment. I am 42, played BF since 2142… You really need to try COD MW 2019… Soon you will expect the same quality of other games… something BF cannot do.

    5. I have played BF since 2142 and I must agree, Dice can learn a lot from COD MW 2019 – it is fantastic: quality – it works well, no net code issues, no ‘i shot first’ issues, graphics is good, it offers CQB which you don’t see much of in BF and it is super fun. Overall COD MW 2019 did blow me away. BF tends to be more of a frustrating game for me for years now.

  2. I already bought it. Im gonna give it a chance cause basically there’s nothing else to play. But they haven’t done anything good since bc2 was released. Before bc2 everything was great. So I hope this one is as good as bf2 or even bf2142. But I highly doubt it.

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