Rumor – Alleged Battlefield 4 Survey Asks About DLC, Dinosaurs, Naval Combat, Map Remakes, and More [Updated]

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An alleged Battlefield 4 survey circling the internet asks questions about DLC, dinosaurs, map remakes, dynamic environments, naval combat, new weapon classes, and Battlelog 2.0.

A user on NeoGAF recently detailed the survey, explaining how it asked users about some of the topics listed above. Allegedly, it asked about environments being made more dynamic, like being able to blow out the foundation of a dam to flood the battlefield, for example. Other questions hinted jet skis and gunboats, with regards to naval warfare. It also mentioned transferring over unlocks and rank from Battlefield 3.

Even more interestingly, there were a number of questions pertaining to DLC. Users were asked to rate possible DLC names that included “BF4: Recommisioned,” “BF4: Reenlisted,” “BF4: War Torn,” and “BF4: Reconstructed.”

Other DLC questions asked users how they felt about remaking maps like Oepration Metro or Caspian Border in the recently announced Frostbite 3 engine. Mention of DLC focused on naval warfare was made, with possible titles like “BF4: Naval Warfare,” “BF4: Naval Combat,” or “BF4: Steel Titans.” The user also noticed mention of dinosaurs and DLC, where questions asked how fans might feel about a co-op mode based on dino-survival using primitive weapons like the bow and arrow. Possible names included “BF4: BC,” “BF4: Primal Combat,” or “BF4: 21942” as well as others.

Though this particular NeoGAF user was unable to gather any screens of the survey, Electronic Arts has been known to pass surveys around gathering feedback from various fans of EA games.

Regardless, this info is still highly speculative and should not be taken as fact. They are, after all, only questions, though they do give you something to think about. We’ll be sure to update this story with any further information we may gather or if we spot the survey ourselves. Have any of you run across it?


An EA representative told us that they do, in fact, conduct annual surveys about their games “that include topics that range from random ideas to specific themes to see what resonates.” He added, however, that “these are just some of the ideas included in our survey and not indicative of anything we have in the works.”

How do you guys feel about some of the stuff mentioned above? Naval Warfare? More dynamic environments? Transferring rank and unlock? Dinosaurs?