Report: More Battlefield 2021 Screenshots Leak, Features a Robotic Dog

Battlefield 2021 Gameplay Images

Just a few weeks ago, the first screenshots for Battlefield 2021 allegedly leaked, which featured a jet. After that, we got a purported audio leak of the reveal trailer as well, with the leaker threatening to leak the entire thing if EA and/or DICE doesn’t release the trailer immediately.

With DICE & EA waiting until June to release the reveal trailer, it seems more people are getting antsy, and one of them seems to have access to confidential stuff. Someone named “hi93048234” dropped a few purported Battlefield 2021 screenshots, with one shot featuring a robotic dog (not unlike the one featured in Metal Gear Solid 4) that known leaker Tom Henderson has alluded to be in the upcoming Battlefield game. Unfortunately, the screenshots are marked with a big, well, you’ll see what I mean down below.

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Battlefield 6 huge leak

Other images show a rocket which seems to be toppling over with loads of people underneath suggesting a rather gruesome death. There are also vehicles shown off as well. The robotic dog is something we assume can be used for combat, and is probably a gadget or equipment of one of the classes (maybe?).

Same as in every rumor, treat this one with a bag of salt. That said, don’t be surprised if EA takes them down or this is legit.

We’ll be on the lookout for more Battlefield 2021 stuff, so keep it locked in here on MP1st!

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