Report: PS5 Games and Accessories Releasing Earlier in the UK

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According to a retailer and some listings, UK gamers may be able to get a head start at owning some PS5 games and accessories as their release dates have been moved forward.

A few listings on Amazon UK, such as Demon’s Souls and Spider-Man Miles Morales have seen their release dates moved forward from November 19 to November 12, matching the North America launch date of the PS5.

A UK retailer also tweeted out, confirming that some of the PS5 accessories have had their release dates changed.

Seems rather odd considering that the PS5 won’t be available in the UK until November 19, although also not an uncommon occurrence as we have seen this for other console launches in the past. Still, for those who missed out on pre-ordering  (in UK) some of the PS5 accessories such as the media remote and charger dock, the in very least you now have a chance to pick them up earlier and on a more less hectic day.

The PS5 console will officially launch in the UK on November 19, for those living stateside we will have out launch on November 12. You can check out how the compatible PS4 controllers for PS5 right here.

Would you get a controller and games even without the console yet?