Report: Returnal PC Footage Leak Shows the Options and Customizations

Returnal PC Footage

In what’s probably the worst kept secret right now, it seems the rumors of Returnal seeing a PC release just got more real today, as some Returnal PC footage has surfaced, and it shows the options and customization screen.

The footage was posted by a Bryank75 over on the Icon-Era forums:

Update: Sony has pulled the video, but thankfully, someone hosted a mirror:


Bear in mind, this is leaked footage, as Returnal on PC still hasn’t been officially announced by Sony. Chances are, this footage will be taken down soon-ish, but hey, at least we got to see it, right?

Hopefully, this means that Sony will announce the PC version of Returnal soon. If you’re wondering why there’s a lot of hype around this, go read our review where we state, “Returnal is a great game and showcase for the PS5. It reminds me of what I have aways loved about video games; gameplay that hooks you and keeps you invested in that “one more quarter” kind of way that so relatively few games do these days. Housemarque largely succeeds with their first AAA outing in a big way and have released what I feel is the first true Game of the Year contender for 2021.”

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