Report: Sony Patents Tech for a New “What-If” Replay Feature

what-if patent

A new Sony patent teases a new feature that would replay players’ gameplay, but with an interesting twist that could make for interesting learning experiences. The new “what-if” patent teases a new gameplay replay feature. It would let players see what could have been done differently.

So instead of simply replaying the footage of what the players have already done, it shows them how they could have done things better or differently. Here’s the description from the USPTO (United States Patent Office) listing:

“The method includes providing an interface that identifies one or more what-if scenarios for the previous gameplay. The one or more what-if scenarios being selected for inclusion into the interface is based on processing the recording of the previous gameplay through a machine learning model to identify what-if scenarios for the user, and options for what-if scenarios are provided to the interface.” says the new patent.

This new feature could potentially be a game-changer, and could even be a deciding factor for gamers when choosing which console to buy moving forward.

If done correctly, the feature would be immensely popular for all Esports as players could use it to better their movements and learn from past mistakes. The feature could also be used for fun by friends and family to see how their gameplay compares to an AI’s, exploring different what-if scenarios.

However, keep in mind that not all patents are realized, such as this PlayStation mobile controller patent that hasn’t seen the light of day yet (we’re unsure if it will ever).

Source: USPTO via Op Attack

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