Report: Sony Removes “Holiday 2020” Mention on PS5 Page for Most South East Asian Countries

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Here’s some potentially bad news for Sout East Asian gamers, it seems Sony has removed the mention of a “Holiday 2020” release for the PS5 on the offiical website for a lot of South East Asian countries! The only one left so far seems to be Singapore.

Here’s a screenshot of the official Indonesia PlayStation website from two days ago (via waybackmachine) that shows the “Holiday 2020” text:

Here’s  a shot of the same page but this time, the Holiday 2020 text has been taken out:

Note that aside from Indonesia, the other countries that seem to have the “Holiday 2020” text taken out include MalaysiaPhilippineThailand, and Vietnam. Does this mean that the PS5 won’t launch officially in those countries until after Holiday 2020? It sure seems like it. As for Singapore, the PS5 page for the country mentions that it has opened the second wave of pre-orders for the PS5 on October 16.

We’ve reached out to Sony regarding this  and will update the post if we hear anything back.

In other PS5 news, go check out the PS5 UI revealed officially in an 11-minute demo!

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2 years ago

Saw this coming a mile away

Zulkarnain Ayuf
Zulkarnain Ayuf
2 years ago

This is clearly an insult. Does Sony really thinks there are more gamers in Singapore than all other SEA countries combined?! Or they think we cannot afford to buy a PS5? I admit Singapore is richer compared to other SEA countries but that does not mean that we cannot afford it. I don’t even have a PS4 because i was busy building a career and a family. When i thought how nice would it be to play games with my son, they do this kind of nonsense? After days, years of begging to my wife to let me own a PS5?!

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