Skate Related Announcement Tomorrow, But Joins This List of Games Confirmed Not on EA Play Live


While EA announced a new studio that’s focusing o the Skate franchise six months ago, ot seems we’ll finally get an update tomorrow, as Full Circle has announced today that they have something Skate-related announcement for tomorrow!

While that’s good news for Skate fans, the fact that we won’t see anything from Skate at this month’s EA Play Live is a bit disappointing — especially if you consider that other games/franchises have also been confirmed to not be appearing at EA’s premiere games showcase of the year.

Another property confirmed not to be making an appearance is anything Star Wars-related. So for those looking forward to a Jedi: Fallen Order sequel to be announced, yeah, that’s not happening.

Another two franchises that we aren’t going to be seeing are the new Mass Effect game (which has been confirmed to be in development), as well as the next Dragon Age game that was announced last year.

While that might be disappointing to hear, there is a rumor (a strong one at that), that we’ll be seeing an announcement regarding a new Dead Space game, which was supposed to be EA’s big surprise. There’s also, of course, the Battlefield 2042 new game mode that’s going to be revealed there as well.

EA Play Live is set for July 22 and will be around 40 minutes long.

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