Sony Files Patent for Smarter Notifications Management for Users

While Sony has streamlined how notifications work in the PS5 (to some degree), it seems the company is looking to feature a better way in handling notifications for gamers, as a new Sony patent has surfaced, and it’s for managing notifications a lot better.

In the patent filing, it talks about whether the notification is associated with the application being used, and if it is, it will determine whether to show the notification pop up or be left in the gamer’s notifications list (at least from my understanding).


Techniques for managing notifications are described. In an example, a computing device presents content in an application window based on an execution of an application. Notification data is received by a computing device. Based on a context associated with the computing device, such as whether the application windows is the foreground and whether the notification data is associated with the application or such as the operational mode of the computing device, a determination is made whether or present a corresponding notification in-context within the application window of in a pop-up window. Otherwise, the notification is added to a notification list and can be summarized in a notification summary.

Screenshots from the patent:

Obviously, this isn’t anything groundbreaking, but it is a nice quality of life thing if it ever gets implemented. That said, same as with every patent or trademark, Sony filing this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to happen. Speaking of, could this somehow be tied to the recently announced PS5 firmware beta sign-ups? Maybe, maybe not.

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