Sony: “In the Process” of Prepping for PS5 Southeast Asia Launch, Will Make an Announcement “When Ready”

PS5 Overheating

Following yesterday’s rather confusing news for Southeast Asian gamers looking forward to the PS5 launch this November, Sony has sent us an email commenting on the situation, though one that leaves us in the dark regarding the PS5 Southeast Asia launch scenario.

In an email statement sent to MP1st, here’s what Sony had to say:

We can confirm that the PS5 will also become available in MY/TH/ID/PH/VN and that we are currently in the process of preparation towards the launch.

SIES will make announcement on MY/TH/PH/ID/VN release dates and pricing when we are ready. Please keep a lookout for our local announcements on PS5 release in respective countries.

When pressed on whether this meant that the PS5 will indeed launch this Holiday 2020 in Southeast Asia, Sony reiterated that they will make an announcement when they are “ready.”

Does this mean those in Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, etc., will get it in November? We can’t say for sure. That said, the fact that Sony is preparing for the Southeast Asia launch is a good thing, since that means people in the region won’t be left in the dark.

If you want to make sure you’re aware of any announcements for PlayStation Asia, you can check out their official Twitter account.

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