Star Wars Battlefront II Space Battles Footage Leaked

Update: It looks like EA has decided to release the full-length Starfighter Assault trailer. Watch it here!

Just last week, we reported that EA announced that some Star Wars Battlefront II space battles footage would be revealed on August 21 at gamescom 2017. Well, it seems we might have some footage right now!

Thanks to YouTuber “Soloboi,” a super short 30-second Battlefront II space battles trailer has made its way online. With EA most likely having its lawyers take down videos soon, we uploaded it up ourselves just in case it gets taken down. It’s a short trailer. but is supposed to be “in-game footage” and has a few creative liberties sprinkled in. You can watch Yoda flying a craft even.

Will we get more Battlefront II space battles footage come next week? Let’s hope so. Some raw gameplay would be nice, no? Once we get more footage or info, we’ll be sure to let everyone know.

In other Battlefront II news, DICE says the sequel “breaks new ground.”

Are you satisfied with the space combat we’ve seen so far? What can DICE do to make it more special than just aircrafts in a different backdrop compared to the Battlefield franchise?

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