Star Wars Battlefront II Content Roadmap of DLC, Seasons and More Revealed

Most games these days have content planned just not at launch, but for months ahead, and Star Wars Battlefront II isn’t any different. Over on the official site for the game,  EA has revealed the Battlefront II roadmap of events, DLC and more!

The Star Wars Battlefront II The Last Jedi Season will start this December 5, and will be free. Players will be able to choose whether they want to align themselves with the First Order or fight for the Resistance. Once December 13 rolls around, prepare for new Heroes as Finn will be joining the Resistance, and Captain Phasma for the First Order. Both Heroes can be purchased by in-game credits, and whichever faction completes the most challenges will get a special crate that includes high-powered upgrades.

Additionally, aside from the new Heroes, new vehicles and locations will also be available during December 13. There’s Crait, the Starfighter Assault (space battles mode) map pf D’qarm a new hero ship tallie Lintra’s RZ-2 A-wing, and even Poe’s T-70 X-Wing will be given an upgrade inspired by The Last Jedi. 

Single-player content will also be making its way for the game, with Star Wars Battlefront II Resurrection, which will also be available on December 13. Check out the slate of content planned for the game in the coming weeks and months.

In other Battlefront II news, go check out this unscripted Yoda vs Kylo Ren lightsaber duel right now. While EA has addressed concerns regarding Battlefront II’s loot crates and progression, a YouTuber says that the game is still pay-to-win! Find out why here.

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