Report – Star Wars Battlefront II Campaign Completion Reward Reduced From 20,000 to 5,000 Credits

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Following player outrage at the ludicrous grind required to unlock Heroes in Star Wars Battlefront II‘s multiplayerdeveloper DICE opted to reduce the cost of all unlockable characters by 75 percent

This change has been celebrated by many players, who see it as a victory for the community, but also evidence that the developers are listening.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a nasty plot twist. Hero costs weren’t the only thing getting slashed. Those who completed the game’s single-player campaign prior to the Hero cost cuts were receiving 20,000 Credits. Those completing the campaign after the price reductions are now receiving 5,000 Credits. 

DICE seems to have balanced out the reduction in Hero cost by making it trickier to get Credits via single-player. 

Reputable Australian gaming website Stevivor claims that an EA representative confirmed this change was “a result of a reduction in in-game character unlock feeds.”

I suppose the only bright side is that multiplayer-only gamers won’t be affected…

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Source: Stevivor (Twitter)