Star Wars Battlefront II Unreleased Arcade Maps & The Last Jedi DLC Menu Datamine

The data miners have continued to work hard, cracking open Star Wars Battlefront II and giving us a good look at what’s hidden within the game’s files.

Previously, we’ve had a gander at some unreleased skins and a contorted General Grievous character model, as well as some more hidden character customization options.

YouTube users Uninspired Zebra and DylanRocket have now provided us with a look at some unreleased Arcade maps and the “Select Faction” screen from the upcoming The Last Jedi free DLC.

Here’s footage of the not-yet-released Arcade maps:

And here’s a look at The Last Jedi menu screen:

Another day, another load of new datamined info! I wonder if this is everything… Perhaps we’ll have even more to talk about tomorrow!

What do you make of the unreleased Arcade maps? It’d be wonderful to take out bots on the Death Star II, Kashyyyk, Hoth, Endor and Jakku! Here’s hoping they get added soon.

In other Star Wars Battlefront II news, the Reddit community is trying to get Battlefront II from 2005 nominated for a Steam Award, the game’s lag issues have been acknowledged by EA, and Battlerite‘s latest patch notes poke fun at EA’s “sense of pride and accomplishment” quote.

Source: Uninspired Zebra, DylanRocket (YouTube)

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