The Big O 2.0 Combines a PC, Xbox X, PS4 Pro and Switch for the Ultimate Machine

Ever wanted an all-in-one machine that can play all your favorite games with just one device? Well, there’s a device that can do that that exists right now. Dubbed as the “Big O 2.0” this massive custom built rig by Origin PC combines all the latest consoles with a powerful PC to give us a machine that can play any current-gen title. Though it is most likely extremely expensive, don’t get to excited at the thought of owning one as it won’t be going on sale.

In a recent video published by YouTuber Unbox Therapy, we get a full rundown of the system, showcasing its beautiful custom design that combines the PS4 Pro, Xbox X, Nintendo Switch and a high-end PC. Packed with a cooling system to keep the system from overheating, the Big O honors the Legacy that Origin PC had set out a decade ago with their previous combined system.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary of building the best custom high-performance PCs, we decided to built the ultimate, most epic, custom PC to honor our legacy. We call it “The Big O”
The big O name is a throwback to our hulking PC from 2009 that combined a high-end gaming PC with an Xbox 360. This 2019 edition of the Big O combines an Xbox One X, a PlayStation 4 Pro, a Nintendo Switch, and an extremeley high end gaming PC all into our flagship GENESIS desktop chassis.
The Xbox One X and PlayStation Pro are both hard line liquid cooled on the right side of the system. The Nintendo Switch dock is located in the front of the case for big screen gameplay, but you’re free to remove the Switch at any time to take your gaming on the go! You can also play and stream the latest PC games with the best ray tracing performance thanks to the NVIDIA TITAN RTX GPU, found on the PC side of the system.
The Big O is a testament to our hard work and creativity when it comes to PC building. We’re proud to share it with you and your team to show the world.
Thank you and Enjoy!

This certainly is a beast of a system, but as stated for those wanting to get one you’ll be disappointed to learn that this isn’t actually for sale, so any dreams of owning an all in one gaming system is as of right now still just a dream.

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