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the division 2 apparel changes

One of the good things with The Division 2 being in third-person is that aside from seeing your character do silly actions via emotes, is that whatever cosmetic item you equip in the game, you’ll be able to see it in real time. There are caps, glasses, jackets, and more that players can obtain to stand out from the rest, and make their Agent their own.

If you’re looking for a The Division 2 cosmetics list to help you in your quest to complete everything you can, we’re here to help! Thanks to Reddit user StatmanThunderfist, we have a very comprehensive table of The Division 2 cosmetics list! What’s even better here is, a lot of The Division 2 cosmetics item locations are listed down, too, and is constantly being updated.

Check out The Division 2 cosmetics list (used with permission):

  • “~” denotes that it’s found in lootable containers in the open world
  • “$” denotes it is found through opening an apparel cache or through direct purchase


NameSetHow to Obtain
5.11 Flag Bearer Cap – Blue~
5.11 Flag Bearer Cap – Camo~
5.11 Flag Bearer Cap – White~
Ballistic Helmet – Dark Gray~
Bandana – Brown~
Bandana with HeadsetReach Clan Level 17
Baseball Cap – DC~
Baseball Cap with HeadphonesReach Clan Level 22
Beanie – Gray~
Beret – Burgundy~
Beret with HeadsetReach Clan Level 27
Biker HelmetBiker$
Black Tie HatBlack Tie$
Cap – Gray~
Capitol Police HatCapitol Police$
Coast Guard HelmetCoast Guard$
Explorer CapExplorer$
First Responder HelmetFirst ResponderFirst Responder Pack
Hiking CapHiker$
Honor Guard Dress CapHonor Guard$
Hunter CapHunter$
Hyena HelmetHyena Street WearInvasion Apparel Cache
Military Cap – Camo~
Mosquito Hat$
Outcast CapOutcast Work WearInvasion Apparel Cache
Ranger HatPark Ranger$
Rider HatRider$
Shade Cap$
Ski Mask – Black~
True Sons CapTrue Sons PatrolInvasion Apparel Cache
Vintage HatVintage$


NameSetHow to Obtain
Biker GlassesBiker$
Black Tie GlassesBlack Tie$
Capitol Police GlassesCapitol Police$
Cycling Glasses$
EMS GlassesEMS$
Grunge GlassesGrunge$
Honor Guard GlassesHonor Guard$
Hunter GlassesHunter$
JTF GlassesJTF$
Motorcycle Glasses$
Outcast GlassesOutcast Work WearInvasion Apparel Cache
Ranger GlassesPark Ranger$
Rider GlassesRider$
Secret Service GlassesSecret ServiceBattleworn Secret Service Pack
Sunglasses – Light~
Sunglasses – Light and Round~
Sunglasses – Metallic~
Sunglasses – Pilot~
Sunglasses – Red~
Sunglasses – Square~
Sunglasses – Teal~
Sunglasses – White~
Sunglasses – Yellow~
True Sons GlassesTrue Sons PatrolInvasion Apparel Cache
Vintage GlassesVintage$


NameSetHow to Obtain
Agent Ward’s ScarfPurchase the Year 1 Pass
Bandana – Green~
Dog Tags~
Earpiece – Black~
Explorer ScarfExplorer$
Hazmat RespiratorCapitol Defender Pack
Headset – Green~
Hiking ScarfHiker$
Neck Warmer – Brown~
Outcast ScarfOutcast Work WearInvasion Apparel Cache
Scarf – Brown Plaid~
Scarf – Green/Gray~
Scarf – Yellow/Gray~
Shemagh – Gray~
True Sons ScarfTrue Sons PatrolInvasion Apparel Cache
Vintage ChainsVintage$


NameSetHow to Obtain
5.11 Stryke Long Sleeve Shirt – Black~
5.11 Stryke Long Sleeve Shirt – Brown~
5.11 Stryke Long Sleeve Shirt – Green~
Agent Dunne’s ShirtUbisoft Club
Agent Johnson’s ShirtUbisoft Club
Agent Ward’s ShirtPurchase the Year 1 Pass
Anorak Jacket$
Army Sweater$
Biker ShirtBiker$
Black Tie JacketBlack Tie$
Button Down – Black~
Capitol Police ShirtCapitol Police$
City Runner T-shirtUbisoft Club
Coast Guard ShirtCoast Guard$
Compression Layer – Dark Gray~
Compression Layer – Gray~
DC T-shirt – Black~
Denim Jacket – Blue~
Explorer ShirtExplorer$
First Responder SweaterFirst ResponderFirst Responder Pack
Grunge VestGrunge$
Hazmat ShirtCapitol Defender Pack
Henley Shirt$
Hiking ShirtHiker$
Honor Guard Dress JacketHonor Guard$
Hooded Sweatshirt$
Hunter JacketHunter$
Hyena Tank TopHyena Street WearInvasion Apparel Cache
Jacket – Blue~
Meret T-shirt – Brown~
Outcast ShirtOutcast Work WearInvasion Apparel Cache
Plaid Shirt – Blue~
Plaid Shirt – Red~
Polo Shirt – Gray~
Ranger ShirtPark Ranger$
Rider ShirtRider$
Running Vest$
Secret Service ShirtSecret ServiceBattleworn Secret Service Pack
Tank Top – Black~
Tank Top and Elbow Pads – Gray~
True Sons VestTrue Sons PatrolInvasion Apparel Cache
V-Neck Elastane – Red~
Vintage ShirtVintage$


NameSetHow to Obtain
5.11 Apex Pants – Brown~
5.11 Apex Pants – Gray~
5.11 Apex Pants – Green~
Agent Dunne’s PantsUbisoft Club
Agent Johnson’s PantsUbisoft Club
Agent Ward’s PantsPurchase the Year 1 Pass
Biker PantsBiker$
Black Tie PantsBlack Tie$
Capitol Police PantsCapitol Police$
Capri Pants – Gray~
City Runner PantsUbisoft Club
Coast Guard PantsCoast Guard$
Denim Long Shorts – Light Wash~
Denim Shorts – Bleach Wash~
Explorer PantsExplorer$
First Responder PantsFirst ResponderFirst Responder Pack
Grunge JeansGrunge$
Hazmat PantsCapitol Defender Pack
Hiking ShortsHiker$
Honor Guard Dress PantsHonor Guard$
Hunter PantsHunter$
Hyena PantsHyena Street WearInvasion Apparel Cache
Jeans – Dirty Vintage~
Jeans – Rise Wash Ripped~
Jogging Pants$
Khaki Shorts – Beige~
Leggings and Shorts – Dark Gray~
Outcast PantsOutcast Work WearInvasion Apparel Cache
Ranger PantsPark Ranger$
Rider PantsRider$
Runner’s Sweatpants – Beige~
Secret Service PantsSecret ServiceBattleworn Secret Service Pack
Slacks – Blue~
Tactical – Dark Blue~
Tactical – Dark Green~
Tactical – Medium Wash~
True Sons PantsTrue Sons PatrolInvasion Apparel Cache
Vintage PantsVintage$
Work Pants$
Work Pants – White~


NameSetHow to Obtain
Honor Guard Dress ShoesHonor Guard$
Vintage BootsVintage$
Outcast BootsOutcast Work WearInvasion Apparel Cache
Biker BootsBiker$
Capitol Police BootsCapitol Police$
Coast Guard BootsCoast Guard$
Explorer BootsExplorer$
Rider BootsRider$
Hyena BootsHyena Street WearInvasion Apparel Cache
Agent Dunne’s SneakersUbisoft Club
Agent Johnson’s SneakersUbisoft Club
City Runner SneakersUbisoft Club
Black Tie ShoesBlack Tie$
Grunge BootsGrunge$
High-Top Sneakers$
Hiking ShoesHiker$
Hunter BootsHunter$
Ranger BootsPark Ranger$
Secret Service BootsSecret ServiceBattleworn Secret Service Pack
Hazmat BootsCapitol Defender Pack
First Responder BootsFirst ResponderFirst Responder Pack
True Sons BootsTrue Sons PatrolInvasion Apparel Cache
Agent Ward’s BootsPurchase the Year 1 Pass
5.11 Cable Hiker Boot – Brown~
5.11 Cable Hiker Boot – Gray~
5.11 Speed 3.0 Boot~
High-top Sneakers – Brown~
Hiking Boots – Gray~
Jogging Shoes – Blue~
Low-top Shoes – Brown~
Low-top Sneakers – Blue~
Sneakers – Forest~
Walking Shoes – Sand~
Work Boots – Beige~

Backpack Trophies

NameHow to Obtain
American FlagDivision 1 Shields – Tier 4
Arm Patch and Dog TagsRandom drop from completing the Capitol Building stronghold
Burger PandaPurchase the Year 1 Pass (more information pending)
Capitol HillParticipate in the open beta
Conflict TrophyReach Conflict level 100
Contaminated AreaCollect all 15 Intel Collectibles from the 5 Contaminated Zones
Donut CatPurchase the Year 1 Pass (more information pending)
DZ East TrophyEnter Thieves’ Den 5 times in any Dark Zone
DZ South TrophyKill players in Conflict/Rogues or a random drop from the “No Honor” Dark Zone perk in Thieves’ Den
DZ West TrophyComplete activities in DZ West (more information pending)
French Fry PuppyPurchase the Year 1 Pass (more information pending)
Gold BarInside the vault in the Bank Headquarters Mission
Hunter’s AxeOpen the chest in the White House that requires 8 ivory keys
Lincoln BustIn the cafe alcove in the Lincoln Memorial Mission
Plush FlowerNext to the sunflowers upstairs in the Campus
Plush HippoOn the rooftop of the Theater at level 3
Sample VialsFound in the Outcast Stronghold during the underground section
Space ShuttleIn the crashed space shuttle in the Air & Space Museum Mission
Speaker’s GavelComplete the Bank Headquarters Mission
Spray Painted Bobble HeadRandom drop from the District Union Arena Stronghold
Supply CrateComplete the Dark Zone East Introduction Mission in the open beta
T-RexComplete the Tidal Basin stronghold
Black T-RexComplete Tidal Basin on Heroic difficulty
Tiny SkeletonOn a medical skeleton in the DCD Headquarters Mission
Tommy the Teddy BearPreorder bonus for PC players (possible U-Play exclusive?)
Total Control Point CaptureControl all checkpoints on your map at the same time
Washington DC FlagReach commendation level 5

Weapon Skins

NameHow to Obtain
ArtisanInvasion Apparel Cache
CreekInvasion Apparel Cache
DaredevilInvasion Apparel Cache
DC Map$
DC PatriotParticipate in any beta
Digital – Granite~
First ResponderFirst Responder Pack
Flecktarn – Coastal~
GlacierInvasion Apparel Cache
HazardComplete the ‘Outcast Work Wear’ apparel set
HornetInvasion Apparel Cache
Jungle – Green~
LibertyDivision 1 Shields – Tier 1
MadcapInvasion Apparel Cache
Midnight Sky$
Military – GuardComplete the ‘Honor Guard’ apparel set
Multicam – Atlantic Blue~
PantherInvasion Apparel Cache
PartisanInvasion Apparel Cache
Savanna – Dusk~
Secret ServiceBattleworn Secret Service Pack
Shattered Glass$
Solid – Admiral~
Solid – Black~
Solid – Crimson~
Solid – IvoryOpen the chest in the White House that requires 8 ivory keys
Solid – Purple~
Solid – Rose~
Solid – Walnut~
Style – VintageComplete the ‘Vintage’ apparel set
VandalInvasion Apparel Cache

Gear Dye

NameHow to Obtain
Bushwood – GreenShoot the orange supply crates around the map
Civilian – HikerComplete the ‘Hiker’ apparel set
Civilian – HunterComplete the ‘Hunter’ apparel set
Invasion – OutcastsComplete the ‘Outcast Work Wear’ apparel set
Invasion – True SonsComplete the ‘True Sons Patrol’ apparel set
Military – GuardComplete the ‘Honor Guard’ apparel set
Military – JTFComplete the ‘JTF’ apparel set
Multicam – Atlantic BlueShoot the orange supply crates around the map
Savanna – EarthShoot the orange supply crates around the map
Service – RangerComplete the ‘Park Ranger’ apparel set
Solid – AdmiralShoot the orange supply crates around the map
Solid – BlackShoot the orange supply crates around the map
Solid – CrimsonShoot the orange supply crates around the map
Solid – IvoryShoot the orange supply crates around the map
Solid – RoseShoot the orange supply crates around the map
Style – Black TieComplete the ‘Black Tie’ apparel Set
Style – GrungeComplete the ‘Grunge’ apparel set
Style – VintageComplete the ‘Vintage’ apparel set
Tigerstripe – SwampShoot the orange supply crates around the map
Tigerstripe – UrbanShoot the orange supply crates around the map


NameHow to Obtain
Black Tusk Commander MaskInvasion Apparel Cache
Black Tusk Heavy VisorComplete ‘Outcast Work Wear’, ‘True Sons Patrol’, and Hyena Street Wear’ apparel sets
Crimson MaskView Here
Cross MaskView Here
Death MaskView Here
Demon MaskView Here
Diamond MaskView Here
Ghost MaskView Here
Ghoul MaskView Here
Midas MaskView Here
Phantom MaskView Here
Revenant MaskView Here
Spectre MaskView Here
Wraith MaskView Here

The things missing so far are arm patches, emotes, and tattoos. The poster also says a few items are confirmed missing “such as all 5 available outfits (three from specializations, one WW1 outfit, and the Black Tusk outfit), Some of the items missing from preorder bonuses, and some of the items missing from finishing shields in The Division 1 (agent outfit).”

We’ll be updating the list as the community fills it up, so make sure to bookmark this post.

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