The Division 2 Upcoming Changes Included in Next Update Listed

the division 2 title update 5 patch notes

With The Division 2’s first-ever Raid now in the player’s hands and now completed by a bunch of people, Ubisoft Massive is looking into the future. In its weekly State of Game, the developers mentioned some of The Division 2 upcoming changes set to be included in the next update.

Thanks to Reddit user JokerUnique, here’s a look at some of The Division 2 upcoming changes planned for title update 3.1, and even for the next big title update (title update #4).

Title Update 3.1

Currently, we have no specific date for the next update. But they highlighted some fixes that are planned to be released with TU 3.1.

Planed fixes

  • The rushing behavior of the NPCs is not an old bug, but a combination of new ones that were not caught on PTS. Some aspects of that issue will be addressed with 3.1, others will be addressed down the road.
  • The scaling of the different Masks will also be fixed in 3.1.
  • Looting as junk will return in 3.1.
  • Rate of fire for semi-automatic weapons will also be addressed in 3.1.

Title Update 4

There is more content coming with Title Update 4. Currently, we have no specific date for that update.

  • Specialization 4 will be added to the game with TU4
  • More details will follow later
  • There will also be a PTS for Title Update 4

For those still hoping for The Division 2’s Raid to feature matchmaking for randoms, that doesn’t seem to be in the cards just yet, and here’s Ubisoft’s explanation.

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