These Battlefield 5 Animated Shorts Will Make You Appreciate the Game More

battlefield 5 animated

While DICE is set to pull the plug on Battlefield V in terms of new content after the last one we’ll be getting this summer, fans haven’t given up on the game just yet. YouTuber 如风一般飘过 has uploaded a bunch of Battlefield 5 animated shorts that are not only adorable, but accurate too!

So far, there are five Battlefield 5 animated shorts, which you can watch below. While the text shown is in Chinese, you can still follow what the shorts are about for the most part. Battlefield humor is funny regardless of the language.

In other Battlefield news, the next issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK (OPM UK) will feature something related to Battlefield 6! Once we know more about that, we’ll let our readers know ASAP.

Will we get more Battlefield 5 animated shorts? Given Battlefield Friends is no more, this might be the next best thing. If you spot any cool Battlefield content out there, let us know via email.

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