This Destiny 2 Seasonal Mod Cheat Sheet Will Help You With Your Build

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Destiny 2 seasonal mods have been a part of the game since the launch of Forsaken. They’re a key part of every season, allowing us to get deeper into the customisation of stats within our armour and weapons, and truly tailor our Guardian to our play style. They can also be a nightmare to understand and get your head around, which is why so many players out there choose to leave them, or simply go for the first mod that they see because they’re just trying to get through all of the seasonal content as fast as possible.

Some players out there do understand Destiny 2 seasonal mods, and they’ve created some great builds for both PvE and PvP activities with them. While most seasons have focused on PvE, Season of Arrivals finally allows you to focus a build that is viable in PvP. For example, a Charged with Light Bow focused build can allow you to one shot Guardians in the Crucible with Le Monarque.

Thankfully a player by the name of UldrensAssassin on Reddit has shared the ultimate Destiny 2 seasonal mod cheat sheet. This is something that they’ve put together themselves to help all other players get their heads around the seasonal mod system.

This cheat sheet makes it really clear which mods will help you in which area, and you can compare them all side by side without needing to go through all of the options in the game. This can get really complicated, and you’ll quite often find yourself coming back to the same mods just to check what they actually do.

Builds are becoming more and more important in Destiny 2. If you don’t put in the effort to craft your Guardian so that they’ll support your play style, you’ll only struggle as you try to move forward. With this cheat sheet, you can work out exactly which mods you want to have on your Guardian, work to get them, and proceed to dominate wherever you fancy playing. Personally I’m quite happy that I can now pick out the mods I need to get into the Crucible and start destroying some smug Guardians who think that they have everything figured out.