This The Division 2 Hidden Outfit Can Be Obtained via Secret Mission, Here’s How

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Want to stand out from your squad in The Division 2? While the game has a ton of cosmetic items available for sale, or obtainable by doing missions, it seems there’s a The Division 2 hidden outfit that can be earned by doing a secret mission!

Over on The Division 2 subreddit, user riproarin999 has posted how to find this secret mission in order to obtain this The Division 2 hidden outfit!

There is a secret side mission south east of the Navy Hill control point. Go on the road around the corner up to a building near a shd tech. There will be a door way with lockers in it and a manhole. An npc is down there that starts a mission. The reward is called Retro Field Outfit and as an outfit it replaces all clothing and hides body armor pieces except backpack.

Check out the waypoint on the map where to find this secret mission:

Curious what this outfit looks like? I don’t blame you. Check it out below.

It’s not gaudy or anything but the chances of you running into someone with the same outfit is low — at least for now.

Once you’re done with this secret mission, it’s said that there’s another side mission that will show up as a teal sword icon on the map, though there’s nothing special to be earned by completing it.

Have you found other secret missions or hidden outfits in The Division 2? If so, don’t forget to let us know! Email us at!

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