Titanfall Game Update 4 Now Live on Xbox One and PC, Wingman Last Titan Standing On The Way

Titanfall players on the Xbox One and PC are downloading the game’s fourth major update today, but are likely also wondering what happened to the other game mode that was supposed to make an appearance in addition to the new Pilot-centric mode, Marked for Death.

As we mentioned in our Game Update 4 preview, developer Respawn Entertainment was to introduce two brand new modes to Titanfall’s playlists; Marked for Death and Wingman Last Titan Standing. But where is Wingman LTS? Why is it not in playlists just yet?

“It’s still coming,” said Respawn in a recent blog entry, “but we’ll be featuring one new mode at a time and periodically replacing it as part of the new Featured Game Mode playlist.” According to the studio, it’s a matter of experimentation. Modes that sit well with Titanfall’s audience will end up making the cut into their own playlist.

“We will add modes we’re replacing into Private match when we remove them so fans can still play and if a mode really resonates with the community, we can look into giving it a playlist of its own,” Respawn explained. “We’re going to kick this off with Marked for Death and Wingman Last Titan Standing will follow.”

“The design team is busy working on some other great new game modes, so you’ll be seeing some more cool stuff in Featured Game Mode in the future.”

There’s a lot more to see and do in Titanfall’s Game Update 4, however. You can read up on everything there is to know it in this post right here.

Give it a spin and tell us what you think in the comments!

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