Top 10 Worst Battlefield Teammates to Have on Your Team

Top 10 Worst Battlefield Teammates

[tps_title]Ricky Recon[/tps_title]

Here we are; the cream of the crap! And if you’re a long-time Battlefield player, this number one won’t be a surprise at all, and most likely, you’ve been expecting it. In every Battlefield game, regardless of setting, there’s always a clump of Ricky Recon Snipers that friggin’ camp in one spot and never move. 

Your team winning? Yeah, they’re sniping. Your team losing? Yep, they’re still sniping. Worse thing is, these guys don’t even spot for their team most of the time. 

You know something’s very wrong when fans are always clamoring for classes to have a maximum in each side. Yep, it’s that bad. 

Did we nail down every Battlefield bad teammate type out there? If we missed anything, share your most hated kind of teammate in the comments below. 

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