Top 10 Worst Battlefield Teammates to Have on Your Team

Top 10 Worst Battlefield Teammates

[tps_title]Mr. “What’s Your K/D Ratio?” Man[/tps_title]

Look, like it or not, a lot of us care about our kill/death ratio in shooters. While that’s normal these days, it doesn’t matter in a game like Battlefield where objective-based modes are king. You can go 50-0 and be in the middle of the scoreboard given how you’re just in a plane the entire time, or you can go 6-23 and be at the top five players in terms of score since you’re always attacking the objective. 

Thing is, K/D whores more often than not, value self preservation than winning. This means that if he/she has a chance to get an objective but also has a risk of dying, they’d rather not risk it. Ditto with not changing classes to help the team out since that’s not their “main.”

If you care so much about K/D in Battlefield, you’re playing the wrong game, buster! 

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