Warframe Matchmaking Issues for North America Reported

warframe matchmaking issues

Those playing Warframe in North America, you might be experiencing Warframe matchmaking issues right now. This was confirmed by Digital Extremes over on their official forums, and this applies to all platforms.

According to the post, “relogging” might fix the issue, though they are currently investigating and looking to resolve it.

Tenno on all Platforms!

If you are in Western North America, you may be experiencing Presence and Matchmaking disruptions.
Relogging may fix – but we are working with our infrastructure partners to fully resolve the issue.

Stay tuned here for updates! 

In other Warframe news, Digital Extremes has revealed some of the Railjack changes planned. There’s also more new content planned to be pushed out this year though we’re uncertain how that will shape up given the COVID-19 pandemic.

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