Watch This Battlefield 1942 vs Battlefield V Comparison From Guns, Vehicles. Characters & More!

battlefield 5 new melee weapons

It’s no secret that we’ve made big strides in terms of video game graphics and gameplay, and that especially rings true for multiplayer games. For long-time Battlefield fans that remember the first one, Battlefield 1942, then this video comparing it to the soon-to-be-released Battlefield V will surely bring in the feels!

YouTuber Tequila Joe posted an 11-minute video comparing the two games’ weapons, vehicles, characters, and more! Sure, 1942’s graphics are no match for Battlefield V, that’s a given, but you can also see how recoil changed and more. It’s definitely worth a watch.

What do you think? Which game is better without getting your goggles fogged up by the nostalgia mist?

Don’t forget, DICE is changing quite a few number of things for Battlefield V based on beta feedback, and the studio has listed it. The beta’s profanity filter for chat will also be changed DICE has confirmed.

Battlefield V will be available this November 20 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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