YouTuber Accidentally Livestreams Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer, Footage & Details Make Its Way Out (Update)

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While the official Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal is set for September 9, it seems Activision is having content creators jump in and record footage ahead of the reveal, which is standard practice for most games.

What’s not standard practice is, it seems one YouTuber livestreamed footage accidentally for 15 minutes! The YouTuber is none other than 420Thunder who was probably capturing footage at the event.

It’s mentioned that 420Thunder was joined by other content creators like Xclusive Ace, TeeP and more.

Further proof of this? There’s even snippets of the gameplay footage circulating online! We’ve posted a short 26-second gameplay clip below, but chances are, this will be taken down by Activision quick, so watch it now. It features boots on ground gameplay with what looks like an SMG, and we can see the movement and HUD.

Yep, that looks like Call of Duty multiplayer alright. I have to say, I am liking the HUD so far given it doesn’t litter the screen with a ton of icons. Based on what’s shown so far, it seems we’ll have vertical maps, slide cancelling is a thing again (which is fine for most COD players), the mini map is circular once again and there doesn’t seem to be any doors!

in other Black Ops Cold War news, the beta date has leaked well ahead of Activision’s announcement! It’s set for October 8 for PS4 gamers. Stay tuned for more Black Ops Cold War news which should surface soon!

Update: Added a new video that showcaes gameplay.

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