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Battlefield 3 Patch Details – DICE Developer Addresses Shotgun and Comrose 2.0 Concerns News 56

News 56 With the recent tentative weapon tweak list making it’s way around the Battlefield community, Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, is receiving buckets of feedback to to sift through and take into consideration. Recently, the community has questioned some changes made to shotguns. Kertz provides his thoughts and also comments on the recent tentative patch notes, […]

Next Battlefield 3 Patch to be “a Big One” But May Not Arrive In February News 66

News 66 Though it was originally mentioned by a member of the DICE team that the next Battlefield 3 patch will land sometime in February, something we reported on a couple months back, Community Manager, Daniel Matros, recently clarified that this may not be the case When asked if the “February patch” was still on track for […]

Battlefield 3 Patch Details: Jets, Pistols, and UMP will be Adjusted and More News 92

News 92 Update: New Battlefield 3 Patch Details – Changes to Aiming, PP-2000, and Much More Now that a patch has been confirmed for Battlefield 3, we’re getting more information on which weapons and vehicles will be affected and what issues will be ironed out. Balancing Alan Kerts, Battlefield 3‘s Gameplay Designer, reveals that “pistols will be getting a bit of love […]