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Paladins New Map “Magistrate’s Archives” Revealed News 0

News 0 It’s been quite awhile since the free-to-play fantasy-based team-shooter, Paladins has received a new map. Thankfully, Hi-Rez Studios is looking to remedy that issue soon. The Georgia based studio has revealed that “Magistrate’s Archives” will be heading its way onto Paladins during their most recent stream of the Paladins World Championship qualifiers. You can check […]

Smite Patch Adds New God Skins, Tweaks Item Balance & More News 0

News 0 Smite‘s latest patch (4.22) adds new Exclusive and Mastery God skins, while also making some balancing tweaks to items and Gods. Artio, Cu Chulainn, Fenrir and Ymir were the focus this time around.  For the full list of patch notes, see below: New God Skins: Skin – Skin Type – How To Obtain Kunoichi Serqet – […]

Upcoming Paladins Patch Adds New Champion, Tweaks Daily Rewards & More News 0

News 0 Hi-Rez Studios has announced a new patch for Paladins, due to roll out November 15. The update features several balancing and bug fixes for several Champions, including: Androxus, Jenos and more. In addition to this, the developer has introduced the “HRX Bundle,” which is this year’s cosmetics Digital Loot Pack. For the patch highlights, see below: […]

Smite Nike Harbinger Skin Giveaway (Update) News 0

News 0 Update:  Seems it’s all gone. Sorry, everyone! We’ll bug Hi-Rez for more and post them once we have ’em. Original: MP1st is here once again for another giveaway! This time, thanks to the fine folks at Hi-Rez Studios, we’re giving away some Smite Nike Harbinger skins!  How to get one? Simple, just get one from […]

Smite Patch 4.21 Introduces Shadow Over Hercopolis and a New Goddess News 0

News 0 Did you happen to enjoy the refreshing RPG aspect in the world of Smite with the Trials Of King Hercules adventure mode? If the answer is yes, Hi-Rez Studios latest adventure will surely put a smile on your face. The Smite patch (4.21) that’s now live for the PC platform, sees the release of Shadow’s […]

Paladins OB 62 Patch Buffs Grohk, Nerfs Movement Abilities & More News 0

News 0 Grohk players rejoice! As the Shaman of Paladins is finally receiving his long-awaited buffs with Paladins OB 62 patch that just went live on the PC platform. This sees the loud-mouth healer of the realm receive a visual rework alongside changes to the base health of his healing totem, more ammo for his in-hand weapon […]

Report: Hi-Rez Studios Possibly Reviving Tribes IP as a Battle Royale Title Called “Tribes Royale” News 1

News 1 It’s no surprise that the battle royale genre for games is becoming super popular thanks to titles such as Fornite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds leading the charge. However, it looks like we might be adding another title to this list in the near future. It seems that Georgia-based development team, Hi-Rez Studios, developers of Smite and […]

Paladins Update Finally Comes to Console, Adding Terminus Character & More News 0

News 0 The new Paladins update OB 61 has finally been released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, addressing bugs and improving character balance.  The patch has also fixed several cards, introduced new customization options, and added a new champion into game. Here are the open beta patch highlights: General Third Person toggle (not in Competitive or […]

Paladins OB 61 Patch Delayed for Consoles News 0

News 0 Console players who were expected to be greeted by the latest Paladins patch that was made available last week on PC, are going to be a bit disappointed,  as Paladins OB 61 has been delayed on consoles. While this is certainly bad news, as the OB 61 patch marks the release of the latest champion, […]

Smite Update 4.20 Now Live, Introduces the Reaping Event News 0

News 0 Get ready for a double dose of new in-game content this week for the free-to-play MOBA, Smite, that sees the third-person MOBA not only receive a new patch, but as well as the start of the annual in-game “Reaping” event. If you’re new to Smite and have no idea what the Reaping event entitles you […]

Terminus Enters the Realm of Paladins With OB 61 Patch News 0

News 0 2017 has been quite an eventful year for the free-to-play hero shooter, Paladins; from introducing numerous new features such as the VIP Program, new ways to earn skins  and of course numerous new champions being added to the realm. With the release of OB 61 patch that’s now live on the PC, we can yet add […]

Hand of the Gods Console Beta Now Live News 0

News 0 Have you been looking for a completely new turn-based card collecting experience on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ? If so, look no further as Hi-Rez Studios has something just for you. Announced via press release, Hi-Rez is proud to announce Hand of the Gods; their unique turn-based card game is now entering closed beta for […]

Paladins Console Series Announced, $250,000 Prize Pool News 0

News 0 Are you good at Hi-Rez Studios’ Paladins? You game on console? Well, here’s your chance to earn with your mad gaming skills. Hi-Rez has announced the Paladins Console Series with a cool $250,000 prize pool! Check out the announcement trailer above to see what it’s all about. The Paladins Console Series is open to all […]

Smite Halloween Event 2017 Includes Ghoulish New Cosmetics News 0

News 0 Get ready to ‘depart to the afterlife’ with Smite’s annual Halloween update that features mummies, zombies, cute cuddly ghosts and the grim reaper himself. The appropriately titled “Departure to the Afterlife” patch for Smite, is filled with none other than some spooky cosmetic skins to the game that will sure to put a smile on […]

Smite Twitch Drops for October Revealed News 0

News 0 With the month of October now here, Hi-Rez Studios has something special planned for its community whom enjoys watching it’s Smite Pro League streams. Throughout the month of October, those who happen to tune in to Hi-Rez’s Twitch channel while they’re broadcasting the various pro leagues for its free-to-play MOBA, Smite, Will have a chance to earn […]

Paladins Update Adds Halloween Skins New Map and More News 0

News 0 There’s a new Paladins update out now that adds the Halloween skins for the hero shooter, and more. The Foreman’s Rise map for the Onslaught game mode is also out along with a lot of new tweaks, along with the Paladins OB 60 patch. Enough chit chat from me. Check out the big Paladins OB […]

Paladin Update Lets You Celebrate Halloween Early News 0

News 0 As September draws to a close and the month of October on the horizon, this means only one thing; Halloween is near. And for the Georgia based developer, Hi-Rez Studios, it seems they’ll be starting the festivity of the spooky holiday a bit early in the upcoming Paladins update that sees the free-to-play  hero shooter […]

Upcoming Smite Patch Set to Include Bruce Buffer Announcer Pack News 0

News 0 Ever since the rewards for the Fall split were announced, Smite players have been left wondering what exactly the 26th item for this year’s season ticket would entitle them to. Thanks to the latest patch note show for the free-to-play MOBA, we finally get our answer. Apparently once Smite’s upcoming 4.18 patch arrives to your […]

Smite Update Delayed Due to Hurricane Irma, No Longer Releasing Today News 0

News 0 Smite patch 4.17 has been delayed by the Irma hurricane. This has been confirmed by the game’s official Twitter account. Due to power outages & inclement weather, we will not Patch 4.17 tomorrow. We will update as we know more. Thank you for your understanding! — SMITE (@SMITEGame) September 11, 2017 If you’ve not caught […]

Hi-Rez Studios Announces Paladins VIP Program, Upcoming Open Beta 58 Patch Detailed News 0

News 0 Things in the realm of Paladins, the free to play shooter by Hi-Rez Studios, are about to get very interesting, following the upcoming OB 58 patch which is expected to hit sometime next week. How exactly is this going to spice things up? Well, the answer is a Paladins VIP program.  The Paladins VIP program allows everyone […]

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