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First Modern Warfare 3 Double Weapon XP Event for PS3 and Xbox 360 News 15

News 15 Infinity Ward has been teasing us about a Modern Warfare 3 double weapon XP event for a while now, and the studio finally decided to kick off the very first event yesterday. “In celebration of E3, the developers are turning on Double Weapon XP for the first time ever! Rapidly level up your weapons and finally get that […]

Xbox 360 June Patch, PS3 Patch 1.15 Will Enhance MW3’s System Link News 5

News 5 The competitive Call of Duty community has been asking the team behind Modern Warfare 3 for proper LAN support since launch. Thankfully, it looks like Infinity Ward will soon flesh out System Link with “Competition Mode.” Infinity Ward announced, via Facebook, “Competition mode is coming to System Link in the next Call of Duty: Modern Warfare […]

MW3 Double XP Starts Now on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, Lasts Until May 29th News 32

News 32 Modern Warfare 3 double XP is pretty cheap to come by these days with Infinity Ward celebrating DLC releases on different platforms quite often. Modern Warfare 3 Collection 2 was released yesterday on Xbox Live, putting an end to double XP for Elite playlists, but MW3 players are in for another treat. Infinity Ward took to Twitter to announce […]

[Updated] Modern Warfare 3 Might Get 3v3 Face Off News 20

News 20 Update 2: Infinity Ward has announced that “3v3 should be fixed now.” Update 1: It seems that public 3v3 Face Off playlists have indeed been added to Modern Warfare 3, but not without its issues. Infinity Ward has stated, “we are aware of the 3v3 party limit (of 2), and we are addressing it very soon. We apologize […]

MW3 – Free Face Off Maps, New Elite Drops, and Patch Now Live on Xbox 360 News 19

News 19 The latest Modern Warfare 3 Elite drops 9-12  are now available to download on Xbox 360 . Today’s DLC includes two free Face Off maps, one multiplayer map, two Spec Ops missions, and two Elite Face Off maps. Here’s a list of the content on offer: Free to Public: Face Off Maps – Erosion and Aground – […]

Infinity Ward Finds New Call of Duty Community Manager News 30

News 30 At last, Infinity Ward, creators of the Call of Duty franchise and primary developers of the Modern Warfare series has found that lucky someone who will be taking up the role of IW Community Manager. You may remember back in March when IW Creative Strategist Robert “FourZeroTwo” Bowling left Infinity Ward and Activision after working with […]

Modern Warfare 3 Developers Preview The New Game Mode Face Off News 21

News 21 If you’re interested in intense 1v1 or 2v2 combat on small maps, Modern Warfare 3’s new game mode, Face Off, is for you. Announced only a few days ago, Modern Warfare 3 players will get a chance to try out the new game mode for free on May 16th with the release of two new […]

Incoming Modern Warfare 3 Double XP Weekend For PC and Elite Playlists News 8

News 8 Enjoy playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3? Enjoy ranking up fast? Are you a PC gamer or an Elite Premium member? Then this weekend might be for you. According to Infinity Ward’s official Twitter account, the Double XP switch is being flipped ‘on’ this May 11 at 2am PST and will stay on for […]

Modern Warfare 3 Double XP Weekend Starts Now News 9

News 9 Modern Warfare 3 double XP weekend has begun on all three platforms, and will come to an end on Monday, April 23rd. Infinity Ward has kicked off a double XP weekend to celebrate the release of Collection 1 for non-Elite PS3 owners. Now you can start earning double XP until Monday 2am PST (5am EST). Remember, you […]

Two New Modern Warfare 3 Special Ops Missions Revealed? – Kill Switch and Iron Clad News 12

News 12 It seems that the latest PC patch for Modern Warfare 3 didn’t just prepare for Collection 1, but also outed the next two spec ops missions that should be included in future content collections and Elite drops. MP1st reader moriarty1975 tipped us off to a screenshot of the new PC achievements he posted on the PlayStation […]

Modern Warfare 3 Double XP Weekend Starts April 20th on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC News 21

News 21 To celebrate Modern Warfare 3 Collection 1’s launch tomorrow on the PS3, Infinity Ward is going to turn on Double XP this weekend across all three platforms. Non-premium Elite Modern Warfare 3 owners on the PS3 will be able to purchase Collection 1 tomorrow, April 19th. The pack includes four multiplayer maps, Piazza, Liberation, Overwatch, and Black Box, and […]

New Modern Warfare 3 Updates for Xbox 360 and PC Now Live News 1

News 1 Two new Modern Warfare 3 patches for Xbox 360 and PC are now available to download. Xbox 360 Elite DLC download issues have been resolved, and PC gets an update preparing the platform for Collection 1. The Xbox 360 patch fixes the download problems for new premium Elite users as we reported yesterday. The patch […]

MW3 Xbox 360 Elite DLC Download Problem to Be Fixed April 18th, Compensation to Follow News 6

News 6 Some Modern Warfare 3 owners, with new premium Elite subscriptions, on Xbox 360 have been having problems downloading the latest two Elite drops, Sanctuary and Foundation, since they released on April 10th. Fortunately, this is coming to an end tomorrow. This month’s Elite drops were accompanied by title update 13 for Xbox 360 adding support […]

Modern Warfare 3 Collection 1 for PC Shows Up on Russian Retailer, Slated for This Month News 7

News 7 Since Modern Warfare 3’s release, there hasn’t been much talk of DLC plans for the PC version of the game. That’s partly due to the lack of the Call of Duty Elite subscription service on the platform, which is still being worked on. A few days ago,  Infinity Ward confirmed that PlayStation 3 users will be able […]

Call of Duty Franchise Shows Early Signs of Stagnation News 58

News 58 With over 40 million players across the Call of Duty franchise, the series has been the market leader for a while as far as mutliplayer gaming on consoles is concerned. However, early stages of market saturation might have been noticed recently. Modern Warfare 3 sold over 6.5 million copies on launch day (in US and UK) compared to […]

Meet The Mind Behind Modern Warfare 3’s All or Nothing, BoxOfDemons News 16

News 16 Last month, Infinty Ward introduced the newest community playlist called “Gunplay Playlist,” which features several Free For All variations. Unlike One in the Chamber and Gun Game, the Call of Duty community was for the first time treated to All or Nothing. You can learn the rules of all the game types in Gunplay here. […]

[UPDATED] Modern Warfare 3 Elite Drops 4, 5, and 6 Now Live for PS3, Collection 1 to Release on April 19th News 19

News 19 Modern Warfare 3 Premium Elite users on the PS3 can now download the three new Elite drops. Drops 4, 5, and 6 include one multiplayer map, Black Box, and two spec ops missions, Negotiator and Black Ice. The new drops can be downloaded through the in-game store menu option under multiplayer.  Thanks to MP1st reader Mat, the […]

Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Patch 1.12 Now Live, New Trophies Added News 14

News 14 The PS3 version of Modern Warfare 3 has received its’ twelfth title update adding new trophies for the upcoming spec-op missions to be released later today in addition to other unannounced changes. Modern Warfare 3 owners on the PlayStation 3 can now download a mandatory 27 MB patch that preps up the system for three Elite drops, which should […]

Modern Warfare 3 – Elite Maps Sanctuary and Foundation Hit Xbox Live on April 10th News 29

News 29 Beachhead Studios announced today that Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360 will be getting two new maps tomorrow. The makers of Call of Duty Elite, Beachhead Studios, revealed on Facebook that “Sanctuary and Foundation maps arrive tomorrow for Xbox 360 ELITE Premium members.” Update: Images of the two maps have been posted on the content calendar along with […]

Modern Warfare 3 – Four Elite Maps Coming in May for Xbox 360, June for PS3 News 11

News 11 Modern Warfare 3 owners, with premium Elite subscriptions, can look forward to four new maps to release in May for Xbox 360, in June for PS3. The official Modern Warfare 3 content calendar has been updated again, earlier today Elite PS3 drops 4-6 were dated, to reveal that next month Xbox 360 players can expect not one new map, […]

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