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Get Black Ops 2, Halo 4 or Battlefield 3: Premium Edition for $39.99 on Amazon News 8

News 8 In what looks like to be either a boxing week or post-holiday “Video Games Clearance Sale,” Amazon is offering some of this year’s biggest titles like Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 for a discounted price, even including the Premium Edition of Battlefield 3 (Battlefield 3 + a Battlefield 3 Premium membership) and many more. […]

An Old Snake Tired Of First-Person Shooters – Multiplayer Titles To Play This Holiday Season News 12

News 12 Ah, yes. The season of first-person shooters releases is nearly over. With most of you guys having spent the past few month completely submerged in FPS games like the Call of Duty, Halo or the Battlefield series, now might be a good time to come up for a gasp of fresh air and check out […]

Black Friday Sale Round-Up, Battlefield 3, MoH: Warfighter, NFS: Most Wanted, Skyrim and Much More News 14

News 14 It’s Black Friday and you’ve probably got your credit card lying right next to you on your desk as you surf the internet today. How about some Battlefield 3, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Need for Speed: Most Wanted or Skyrim at some crazy prices? We’ve rounded up all of today’s deals on the Xbox LIVE […]

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Review Reviews 18

Reviews 18 Welcome back to Paradise City, now named Fairhaven City. You’ve got a brand new locale to play with and a diverse collection of real life cars to do the playing in. But it soon goes from Paradise to Hell because it’s a mish-mash of Burnout and Speed gameplay which doesn’t work in this city. Backstory […]

Need For Speed: Most Wanted – “Find It, Drive It” Gameplay Video News 7

News 7 If you can find it, you can drive it. The words from Crtierion Games executive producer Matt Webster about the upcoming high-octane Burnout meets Need For Speed game. Need For Speed: Most Wanted will “revolutionize” the action-racing genre and perhaps even shift the NFS series back into the limelight. Everyone Loves Gameplay Videos! Following up […]

EA Gamescom 2012 Presentations: BF3, MoH: Warfighter, Crysis 3, NFS: Most Wanted and More News 19

News 19 Missed out on some of the amazing multiplayer games shown off during EA’s press conference at this year’s Gamescom? No worries. We got your six! Below, we’ve rounded up presentations of some of EA’s more notable multiplayer-heavy titles like Battlefield 3, MoH: Warfighter, Crysis 3 and NFS: Most Wanted and more. Remember, you can keep up to date […]

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Multiplayer Preview and Details – Autolog 2.0, CloudCompete and More News 12

News 12 A full blow-out of Most Wanted multiplayer details has been released during EA’s conference at Gamescom. Criterion Games, the developers behind Hot Pursuit and the Burnout games, have detailed some exciting additions and changes for their action-packed rendition of the original Most Wanted title. Check out the latest trailer below showing off exotic cars, a […]

Need For Speed: Most Wanted – Latest News, Multiplayer and Pre-Order Bonuses News 29

News 29 Amongst all the big game titles and hits from the current buzz around Modern Warfare 3’s monthly Content Drops, the upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops II, Assassin’s Creed III, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, the Battlefield 3 expansions and the inevitable release of the Starcraft II expansion, Heart of the Swarm, lies a hidden gem: Need […]