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Battlefield Play4Free – Rush Game Mode Now Available News 9

News 9 Battlefield Play4Free fans have something new to look forward to. EA and EASY studios have heard the fans and are ready to unveil the long asked for Rush game mode, which is now fully available in Battlefield Play4Free. Featuring the best graphics in the free-to-play genre, Battlefield Play4Free brings all-out online HD warfare straight to your browser! Rush is an adrenaline-filled […]

Why Are These Features Not In Battlefield 3? A Bad Company 2 Comparison News 95

News 95 So I popped Battlefield: Bad Company 2 into my Xbox 360 last night for the first time since the release of the Battlefield 3. Much to my surprise, it doesn’t look aged one bit. In fact, I found just as much enjoyment, if not more, than when playing the latest instalment. It quickly became clear […]

[UPDATED] BF3 Close Quarters has Rush and Conquest, New Weapons to be Playable in Vanilla, No 64 Players, and More News 59

News 59 Update: Close Quarters will feature a new game mode called Conquest Domination; however, Rush might not be a part of the expansion pack. Learn more here. Original Story: Battlefield 3’s Executive Producer, Patrick Bach, talks Close Quarters, and touches on the perceived rivalry between FPS juggernauts, Call of Duty and Battlefield. Since the announcement of Close […]