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Valve Unveils New Steam Controller Design, Will Ship At Volume Later This Year News 13

News 13 Valve has lifted the curtain on their brand new design of the Steam Controller, meant to work in tandem with the recently introduced SteamOS and Steam Machine. The new design has been derived through feedback gathered directly from the ongoing beta. It no longer supports a touch screen, dropped the lithium battery, and adopted a […]

Valve Announces New Steam Machine Partners – Alienware, Origin PC, and More [Update: Specs] News 18

News 18 Valve’s army is growing. This year, the company plans to bring the PC gaming experience into the living room with their innovative new products; the Steam Machine, Steam Controller, and SteamOS. Helping to carry out this vision is an expanding list of third-party manufacturers developing their own version of the platform based on Valve’s original […]

Steam Machine Hardware Specs Detailed by Valve News 20

News 20 Later this year, 300 Steam Machine prototypes running Valve’s recently announced SteamOS will be sent to testers to help facilitate Steam’s transition to the living room. Valve has announced that the prototype machines will be high-end computers built from off-the-wall PC parts. The recent update also details the specifications and variations of the hardware. Steam […]

Valve Reveal Pt. 2 – Steam Machines Coming in 2014, Windows Client Support Will Remain News 25

News 25 Earlier this week, Valve announced its open-source SteamOS. Today in the 2nd part of its reveal, Valve has revealed details for Steam Machines which will run SteamOS natively. The first wave of Steam Machines will actually be released later this year to a select 300 beta testers. The 300 who are selected must first complete […]

Valve Reveal Pt. 1 – Standalone SteamOS Available Soon, Next Reveal on Wednesday News 17

News 17 Those looking for an official SteamBox will have to wait a bit longer. Today as apart of their three-stage reveal, Valve released details for its standalone operating system called SteamOS. Built on top of the Linux architecture, SteamOS promises to provide developers with “significant performance increases in graphics processing” and let users “alter or replace […]