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Battlerite Patch Notes Poke Fun at EA’s “Sense of Pride and Accomplishment” News 0

News 0 Battlerite‘s latest patch (1.1.0) has rolled out, bringing with it general improvements to performance and UI, balance changes, and a new champion. Take a look at the extensive list of patch notes below, and try to spot the line which pokes fun at EA’s recent defending of loot boxes: (Hint it’s the one towards the […]

Battlerite New “Battlegrounds” Mode Features 3v3 Objective-Based Gameplay News 0

News 0 Stunlock Studios has today released a new mode in Battlerite. The new game is called “Battlegrounds,” and offers objective-based 3v3 gameplay. The Battlegrounds matches are split into two halves. The first half starts with the “event phase,” where players aim to secure objectives within their team. The second half  leads to an “assault/defend” section, with […]