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Borderlands 2 – New Patch Fixes Unlimited Bank Vault Glitch and More, Now Live News 27

News 27 As we reported earlier, Gearbox is patching a glitch that allowed players to essentially hoard as many items as they pleased in their bank storage. Along with a number of other fixes, said patch is now live on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. However, for those who have used this unlimited bank space […]

BF3 – More Destruction in Final Build, Latest Unlock Info Revealed, and New Back to Karkand Details News 27

News 27 A slew of information about Battlefield 3 has become available lately, especially with the brand new multiplayer trailer having just been released. You may have noticed that in this trailer, the destruction was a little more intense that what we’ve seen so far from the Beta version of Battlefield 3. Thankfully, Daniel Matros has confirmed […]

BF3 – More Weapons in Retail Version, Biggest Maps Yet, and Changes to Unlocks News 13

News 13 More info is slowly being trickled out about the retail version of Battlefield 3. We’ve already covered changes being made to the UMP-45 and other weapons, including the bolt-action rifles, as well as changes to the spawn system. Weren’t satisfied with the number of weapons available in the Beta? It turns out that “there are […]