BF3 – More Destruction in Final Build, Latest Unlock Info Revealed, and New Back to Karkand Details

Damavand Peak

A slew of information about Battlefield 3 has become available lately, especially with the brand new multiplayer trailer having just been released.

You may have noticed that in this trailer, the destruction was a little more intense that what we’ve seen so far from the Beta version of Battlefield 3. Thankfully, Daniel Matros has confirmed that “destruction was downscaled and rigid in the beta. Full on for retail.” This should make many RPG-wielding Battlefield fans extremely happy.

Some other things that should make many fans happy are the recent announcements regarding unlocks. Make sure to check out our previous report here. You may have remembered that in the beta, weapons from the AK family were exclusive only to the Russian side, while the Americans exclusively used weapons like the M4A1 or the M16A4. However, many fans have been wondering if these weapons would eventually become available to the other faction to use at some point. Fredrik Thylander responds when asked if we could use the other factions weapons: “Yes, in fact, you can. Once everything for a class is unlocked, it’s default weapon becomes available to the other faction.” This seems fair to us.

Another interesting bit of vehicle unlock information is that flares (which should help you dodge incoming missiles while flying a jet) will be the first unlock available unlock for the jets. Thylander provides us with his line of thinking behind it: “Basically, prove you can fly and get any points whatsoever, and we’ll give you flares.” Some fans have been wishing that the flare unlock would be available sooner than what it was in the Beta, so this should come as good news to them as well.

Lastly, the recent trailer (included in a link up top) also revealed some shots of some of the maps found in the Back to Karkand expansion pack. Make sure to check that out if you haven’t yet already. Lately, DICE has revealed that the “Back to Karkand will be similar to Vietnam in that it will be a full expansion pack.” If it is, indeed, similar to the Vietnam expansion pack that was released for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, we could speculate that it will be around the same price of $15 and that it will have it’s own title screen in the Battlefield 3 main menu. This would also mean that all the weapons and maps would be exclusive to this separate playlist and would not be available in the regular one.

So, how did you guys enjoy the recent trailer, what are your thought about the latest unlock reveals, and how excited are you to play on some of those classic Battlefield maps!? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

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