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Official Unreal Tournament Gameplay Trailer Shows Arena Action On New Map News 7

News 7 Developer Epic Games has put together an official gameplay trailer for Unreal Tournament, showing off the free-to-play, community-built, arena PC shooter in real player-versus-player action. The studio has been posting regular video updates and behind-the-scenes footage on its YouTube channel for some time now, but we’ve yet to see any gameplay action on a highly detailed and more-or-less finished multiplayer […]

Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha Gets New Developer-Made Map, Available On Just-Launched Marketplace News 10

News 10 Now available in the pre-alpha version of Epic Games’ work-in-progress arena shooter reboot, Unreal Tournament, is a new multiplayer maps that gives fans a proper, high-resolution, developer-made multiplayer arena to battle it out on. The pre-alpha has technically been playable for some time now, but the new map, now available on the also just-released marketplace, gives participants […]

New Unreal Tournament Team Deathmatch Gameplay Shows Off New Weapons and Levels News 26

News 26 Unreal Tournament for PC, Mac, and Linux is shaping up beyond some of the level and character concept art fans were briefly treated to last week. Epic Games has recently launched a brand new developer diary that shines some light on the work the studio has been up to with Unreal Tournament and the game’s […]

First Unreal Tournament Concepts Unveil New Level and Character Designs News 9

News 9 Epic Games has got a few new things to show Unreal Tournament fans awaiting its triumphant return. In a recent live stream, developer at Epic got together to show off some of the first concept art for both level ideas and character designs. Skip to the 1:30 mark to see what we’re talking about and […]

Unreal Tournament – First Look at Work-In-Progress Deathmatch Gameplay News 16

News 16 Developers at Epic Games are lifting the lid off some of the really early work the studio is accomplishing with their upcoming community-driven arena shooter, Unreal Tornament. The video above shows off the first, very rough version of Unreal Tournament’s Deathmatch game mode with “questionably operational” kill scoring, a “very basic movement prototype,” and a weapon […]

Early Unreal Tournament Development Focused on Deathmatch and Team Game Modes, Vehicles and eSports Support in Long Term News 3

News 3 Epic Games is taking a drastically different approach to the development of their recently announced return to Unreal Tournament. Steve Polge, senior programmer and project lead on the new Unreal Tournament, recently spoke to PC Gamer about how the studio intends to manage a completely community-driven development process where aspiring creators will have a direct […]

Epic Games Unveils Unreal Tournament, Completely Free and Community-Driven FPS News 22

News 22 Epic Games has announced that the studio is beginning development on a brand new Unreal Tournament game for PC, Mac, and Linux that will be completely free and driven by its community members. Epic’s Paul Meegan teased the news last week which now fully comes to light. The studio hopes to crowd source the project that will […]

Unreal Tournament’s Future To Be Revealed On May 8 News 13

News 13 After what seems like ages since we last heard any news about a new Unreal Tournament game, it appears that fans of the arena shooter won’t have to wait much longer. Epic’s Paul Meegan recently tweeted out some very interesting news regarding Unreal Tournament and its future, mentioning an incoming live stream event this Thursday. UE4 Dev Community […]