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Battlefield 3 Mod Venice Unleashed Release Date Announced for December 21 News 3

News 3 Just a few months ago, we reported that the Battlefield modding community was hard at work on a new mod for Battlefield 3 called “Venice Unleashed.” For those looking forward to trying it out, the Battlefield 3 mod Venice Unleashed release date has been announced for December 21, 2020! Related Reading: The Best Battlefield Game […]

Battlefield 3 Mod Tool Venice Unleashed Set for Release This December News 4

News 4 For Battlefield 3 fans that want to try their hand in designing and tweaking the game, you’ll be able to do that soon! The Battlefield 3 mod tool Venice Unleashed has been announced to be out this coming December! Note that you’ll need to be into the whole modding scene to be able to partake […]