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Assassin’s Creed III Multiplayer Intro Leaked, Ubisoft Justifies No Public Beta and Talks MP Improvements News 7

News 7 Brand new details on Assassin’s Creed III Multiplayer have been revealed in the latest intro video by Abstergo Industries. The video below originated from Gametrailers, but has since been taken down due to accidental release. Assassin s Creed III by Jerry_Connelly The footage seems to confirm the following game modes: Wolf Pack Wanted Assassinate Manhunt […]

Assassin’s Creed III – Wolf Pack Co-Op Mode Announced, New Multiplayer Screenshots News 2

News 2 During the Comic Con San Diego, Ubisoft announced a brand new multiplayer co-op game mode titled “Wolf Pack” in Assassin’s Creed III. IGN confirmed that the game mode would support up to four player and work very similar to Horde Mode. In total there are 25 sequences, each sequence gets more and more difficult as […]

Trine Developers Expects Wii U Online To “Match or Even Surpass” Other Platforms News 9

News 9 In a recent interview with Gamesutra, Frozenbyte, the Indie developers behind Trine 1 and 2, share their take on developing for the Wii U along with their beliefs regarding its online service. Joel Kinnunen, a developer working at Frozenbyte, had this to say: We’re going in with the expectation that Nintendo will be able to […]

In Other MP News – Wii U Online Is Free, Future of Resistance, Black Ops Goes Mac, and Much More News 3

News 3 Welcome to another weekly multiplayer gaming news round-up. Wii U Online Will Be Free. Recently, Nintendo held a shareholder meeting, where they revealed that the Wii U would feature free online for all users.  According to the reports, Iwata, president of Nintendo, stated that though they don’t have any issues with a paid subscription service, […]

Black Ops Creators Treyarch Have No Clue Who’s Making PS Vita’s Declassfied News 4

News 4 Treyarch is being kept in the dark about who’s developing the first Call of Duty game for Sony’s PS Vita, Black Ops: Declassified. Treyarch’s Director of Communications John Rafacz also touched on the rumored Wii U version of Black Ops II. “I don’t know,” Rafacz admitted to Video Gamer when asked if Neversoft, the latest studio to join […]

Rumor – Black Ops II for Wii U Releasing This Fall? News 13

News 13 According to the latest issue of Nintendo Gamer magazine, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 appears to be headed to Nintendo’s new console Wii U. The magazine has the game set to release in November, but keep in mind that Nintendo has yet to reveal when the Wii U launches. Black Ops II will release […]

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