Battlefield V Beta Update Rolls Out to Fix Squad Spawn Issue and More

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If you’re part of the lucky gaming mob that managed to get their hands on early with the Battlefield V beta, then chances are you’ve noticed a big glaring bug that needed to be addressed ASAP, and that’s not being able to squad spawn.

Thankfully, DICE knows how big of an issue this is and have rolled out a Battlefield V beta update that fixes that along with a few things. Check out the full list of changes below (via Reddit):

We are rolling out a server update to address a few issues in the Battlefield V Open Beta. This server update will roll out for all platforms. Please note: During the rollout, players will not be disconnected from active matches, but will be disconnected when the match is over and can rejoin immediately afterwards.
With this server update, we have addressed the following:

  • Fixed Squad Join issue, allowing Squads join a match together.
  • Activated Spectator mode.
  • Addressed lop-sided team balance issues. Note: With this update, at the end of the match you will not be switched to the opposite side. You will have to quit and rejoin to potentially play as the other army. (We will have a permanent solution to this issue with the full launch of Battlefield V that will work as designed.)

Thanks for joining us during the Battlefield V Open Beta Early Access and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

The Teams at EA/DICE

Given what we’re playing is an earlier build of the game, don’t expect the studio to roll out game updates frequently to address any in-game issues — this is a beta, after all.

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