Star Wars Battlefront II Metacritic User Reviews Being Bombarded With Lowest Score Possible

In news that’s not really surprising, the Star Wars Battlefront II Metacritic page has been bombarded with a flood of super low user score of 1/10 at the time of this writing.

As one can expect, it has all to do with the loot crates, microtransactions rather than the game itself, which isn’t surprising given how EA managed to nab the most downvoted Reddit post of all-time. Currently there are over 2,220 negative user reviews that paint Battlefront II at an “overwhelmingly dislike” rating. 

The actual scores are at a decent 75, though a lot of reviews haven’t gone live yet. Here’s a screengrab of the negative reviews.

Users are rallying to give the game a bad review so people won’t buy the game and thus, EA’s predatory microtransactions scheme won’t work. 

We’ll be posting our review of Star Wars Battlefront II once we’ve give ample time to everything the game has to offer and not before, and we’ll give it a fair shake, and will consider the loot crates as well. 

Bear in mind though, given what DICE has said about progression, there is a chance players will experience something different from what reviewers have played, and if so, we’ll make sure to reflect that in our final verdict piece.

  • RedKnightOH

    Great. Then as your staff plays the game to review it later… make sure you attain all the loot boxes and buy ALL the microtransactions available in game and report back your findings. Your website may have to take out a bank loan to afford ALL the microtransactions in the game. But that’s your problem. Reports are out there, just what that microtransactions cost will be. Keep a ‘crash kart’ handy… when your heart stops paying those costs!!

    Have fun! Keep track of all your microtransactions expenses to get reimbursed by your employer. Maybe you can send that expense report to EA and DICE for reimbursement… since you have to review the game!!

  • Edonus

    And this is why none of the reviews and metacritic mean nothing. The people pushing these 1’s and low scores are basically gaming terrorists. A game is more than its progression system and if you ignore all the other work that has went into the product for one thing you are not being 100%.

    • GrimmyReaper

      I agree but I can understand why they do it, especially with this.
      Review bombing a game like this does make some headlines and in some cases, actually brings in some change.
      Some games on Steam that get review bombed to hell because of glitch this or unfair microtransaction that do get fixed.

      Unfortunately, this is EA. They will never learn. The microtransactions are gone NOW. But what about later? Even then, the progression system is completely unfair because it was build with those insane pay to win lootboxes.

    • Alex

      Yep, I know what you mean. At the same time, gamers that are doing this want to prove a point as well. I don’t condone it, but it is what it is.

    • LoganDarknyte

      The game, in its current form, *IS* a 1/10 with that progression system and microtransactions in place. This isn’t gaming terrorism. This is pushback against raping gamer wallets. They have said, explicitly, that they are taking microtransactions out for now, but they will be back later. That’s B.S. 1/10 is completely appropriate for this pay to win crapfest.

  • Hvd

    dont buy this pay 2 win bs.if they take out the star cards from lootboxes they will sell them which is still pay 2 win.

    i can live with out ea can you?

  • Captain Pipsqueak

    You know that anyone with any brain at all doesn’t bother looking at user reviews anymore because of stuff like this, right?

    • Alex

      I sure hope so.

      • Captain Pipsqueak

        The critic reviews are the only thing that matter there. The system is so easy to abuse it’s not worth giving the other side the benefit of the doubt. If I’m not seeing streams of zeros, I’m seeing streams of tens from throwaway accounts trying to make their game look better.

      • a_v

        Congrats. You’re a great example of why EA feels like they can get away with this sort of micro-transaction crap then.

        • Captain Pipsqueak

          You mean the ones that were removed before the release of the game?

          I realise that you Americans have intellects that could charitably be described as ‘stunted’, but I wish you’d keep your failings to yourself.

          • Feed_the_Nacho_Man

            You mean the ones they’re still going to put back into the game at a later date, when you can’t refund your game anymore and they’ve already suckered enough people into giving them sales to show their shareholders?

            Man, I guess not living in America where money is the be-all and end-all of human existence means you don’t really understand capitalism.

  • Bigjoe275

    Doesn’t matter with your review the damage is done EA fucked up. Your review won’t change that.