Anthem: It’s Now Been a Month Since the Last Tweet From the Official Account or Any Update From BioWare

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Regardless if you’re a fan of Anthem or not, it’s hard to deny how much BioWare — and in turn, EA — managed to mess everything up when it comes to Anthem. There are gameplay changes no one wanted, not listening to the community and more.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on Anthem news, you might have remember how BioWare issued an update from the development team regarding Anthem. Unfortunately, that doesn’t account much, as it has now been 30 days since that message, and it’s now been 30 days since the official Anthem account even tweeted! Yes, that’s not a joke. There has been no new content, no communication of any kind from BioWare regarding their game in a month!

If you check the official Anthem Twitter account, this tweet is the last recent activity from anyone handling it:

Yes, that retweet from the account regarding maintenance for the game is the last time BioWare or even anyone from EA has communicated with anyone regarding Anthem — a game that was released just in February 22, 2019!

If that wasn’t enough, it’s now been one month since the last Anthem content update as well. Over on the Anthem subreddit, user DeltaIn3D made a post about this, and even pointed out how is “favorite moment” since the last update is how the content in the Act 1 roadmap has not been acknowledged by BioWare, and that we’re a week away from the Act 2 roadmap, which I highly doubt is happening given BioWare’s silence on the matter.

What makes this even funnier is how the Anthem’s Community Manager promised — yes, a month ago as well — how they were going to communicate better with the Anthem player base, which obviously has not happened.

What’s worrying here is, Anthem is a live services, looter shooter, and one that thrives with player feedback, and crafting future experiences with the player’s needs and wants in mind. How on earth will the studio do that by Remaining silent is beyond me.

What’s happening with Anthem? Your guess is as good as mine. EA has admitted that the game didn’t meet sales expectations, but maintains it is committed to the game “long-term.” Regarding the actual player base, it has now dwindled so low that Anthem has dropped from the top 49 most played games on the Xbox platform.

Hopefully, BioWare and EA will talk about Anthem during its EA Play event in June, but at that point, will it still matter?

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10 thoughts on “Anthem: It’s Now Been a Month Since the Last Tweet From the Official Account or Any Update From BioWare

  1. Wait a minute. Last tweet was April, 30th. That was not 30 days ago yet, don’t you know math?

  2. Please BioWare, get out of EA before they ruin Dragon Age as well! Talk to Sony!

    1. I think a lot of senior BioWare devs from the original roster have already left. They need to knock a game out that scores and sells well, or that’s three in a row, and we all know that means bad news.

      1. While you meant well, they’re actually on 5 or 6 failures. One always messing up a little more than last. People often don’t realize that ME3 sold really bad (in contrast to its cost). ME1 practically sold the same on a single platform. It did was worse than ME2 as well. Andromeda sucked. Anthem, obviously. Inquisition was an expensive 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. Dragon Age 2 was an absolute abortion compared to Origins. BioWare had a lot of key people leave right around the acquisition of BioWare by EA and the midway development of Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 2 didn’t age as well from those very clear shareholder ideas. Swapping the lead writer was also a massive mistake. It was downhill from there and they’ve just been tumbling faster. That’s the truth.

    2. I think it’s to late tbh. Dragon Age better knock it out otherwise I can definitely see them being the next studio to close down

      And TBH as much as EA has control over the studio, I think BioWare mostly screwed themselves. They had 6 years and came out with this. Mass effect andromeda was pretty bad, BioWare Started Dying when Mass Effect 3 released and main key people started leaving

      It’s a shell of its former self

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